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 Industrial High Temperature Heat Pump Overview

Industry 90℃ high temperature heat pump water heater this is newest technology in the air source heat pump line,  by R410A + R134a refrigerant combine inside, using Mitsubishi R410A DC inverter compressor as the first stage and R134a special high temperature compressor as second stage to sure machine working limit -20℃ winter produce outlet 90℃ hot water 245L/h.

Outlet hot water temperature can set from 55℃~90℃ as user requirement, so it is widely using home radiator heating by 65℃, 75℃,85℃or 90℃ hot water for industry heating using –like a factory, textile, printing, and dying, military industry, steam line, ironing, explosive, medicine high-temperature sterilization line.

 What is a high temperature heat pump?

The definition of the high-temperature heat pump is compared with the current market lea    ding air temperature heat pump product with a maximum water temperature below 55 ℃.

1. The temperature of water supply is above 65 ℃.
2. The temperature of the effluent is between 65-75 ℃.
3. The highest temperature can reach 85 degrees Celsius (ENERGON temperature ultra high-temperature heat pump can reach 90℃.

The heat pump that can meet the above requirements and meet the high-temperature hot water demand of commercial or similar industries in civil or industrial sectors is the high-temperature heat pump.

Equipment characteristics:

1. The flexible scroll type high-temperature compressor;
2. Intelligent digital smart throttle technology;
3. High-temperature superconducting heat system;
4. High-efficiency brazing heat exchanger;
5. PLC precise connection electronic expansion valve;
6. Condensing pressure balance valve;
7. Environmental protection type high-temperature heat carrier;
8. The design is compact and reasonable, with perfect safety protection and low noise.
9. The maximum effluent temperature can reach 90℃, which can meet the needs of different civil or commercial applications.

With the implementation of the national policy of energy saving and emission reduction and the rising of energy prices, the impact of heat and energy conservation in the industrial and commercial field has been increasing. As a kind of energy-saving technology, heat pump technology has unique advantages in saving energy and protecting the environment. However, the economy is not good under the condition of high water temperature, which restricts the popularization and application of ordinary air source heat pump.

The high-temperature air source heat pump technology developed by the ENERGON New Energy Company is at the historic moment in this context. The water temperature of the ENERGON high-temperature energy water heater can reach up to 85 ℃, which greatly expands the application range of the ground source heat pump technology.

ENERGON high temp heat pump mainly uses electricity, but electricity is only used to drive heat pump system to absorb heat from outside environment. And then the heat is released to heat. Unlike conventional electric heaters, which directly use one-degree electricity to form 860 large calories, the experiment proves that the heat from the same one-degree electricity absorbed from outside for the heat pump system is four bits of 860 calories, so the electricity used is only 1/4 of the electric heater.

A simple analogy: a heat pump can use an electric energy to absorb 2-3 free heat from the environment, then use this heat energy for heating, and the electrical energy is also used for heating. The experiment will eventually make the heat efficiency up to 300-500%.

The general heating methods are directly heated by energy, the energy efficiency of the electric heater is 95%, and the natural gas is about 80%. The heat pump water heater uses electricity to drive the compressor, instead of being used directly for heating. The heat comes from the environment.

Saving energy is saving money, it saves the operating cost of 3/4 compared with electric heating and oil furnace; saves 2/3 running cost compared with the gas heater; saves a large labor cost and environmental protection compared with coal. Even if compared with the solar energy, it can save the running cost of 1/3, and use the heat of valley electricity to shift the electricity from the peak periods to off-peak periods, so the run cost is saved again and again.

The scope of application: high temperature heat pump water heater can meet the heating demand of agricultural and sideline products processing industry, beverage processing industry, electroplating dyeing industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, drying industry, bass disinfection, and other industries. It can be used for drying aquatic products, meat products, Chinese medicinal materials, wood, paper products, printing products, incense mosquito repellent incense, tobacco, casings, industrial products and other hot air heating in ceramic production, solidification, and heating of battery production. The highest temperature can achieve 85 degrees centigrade for high-temperature type and 60℃ for the common type.

DC inverter high temp. heat pump water heater –90C hot water
Model RSV-20K/S
Power supply V/Hz 380V/50Hz
Rated heating capacity kW 20
Rated heating input power kW 6.3
COP w/w 3.2
Max input power kW 12.6
Max input current A 20.5
Rated hot water yield L/h 230
Refrigerant Type First stage :R410A、                                                      second stage : R134a
Refrigerant 30℃~90℃
Working ambient temp. -20℃~45℃
Compressor First stage Type MITSUBISHI DC inverter
Second stage R134a high temp. compressor
Controller system Type Hitachi DCBL controller
Refrigerant-refrigerant  Heat exchanger Type 316L coupling high efficient plate heat exchanger
Water side Heat exchanger Type 316L high efficient plate heat exchanger
Throttle way Type Electronic expansion valve
Pressure device Type Built-in high and low pressure sensor
Electronic Component Type Schneider AC contactor
System switching valve Type High temp. solenoid valve
Noise dB(A) 57
N.W/ G.W Kg 150/180
Connect pipe size inch Rc1″/DN25
Unit Size (L*W*H) mm 1110*560*1580
The data in the above table test as following :
Heating test condition:ambient temp. (DB/WB):20℃/15℃,
initial water temp.:15℃, output water temp.: 90℃ ;
Note: the data in this table are for reference only, please following the nameplate parameter of this product.

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